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Roadmusic's new releases 2015:

"Bamako Beat Talk - SPACEWALK"

New album release by Roadmusic Productions 2015 Bamako Beat Talk by Spacewalk


CD - 08/15RM

The 6th Album Bamako Beat Talk by the international band Spacewalk, reunits the roots of Roadmusic's musical family. This album featuring Miss Maawa from Mali/Wassoulou, Kerfala Kante jr. from Guinee/Conakry and a member of the first Spacewalk formation - Delab - from Scotland/Glasgow.

This album presents some new voices and 70's Korg-Synthesizesound  from the ethnic techno band Kufuki from Japan/Tokyo, the Saxophonist/Peul Flutist Nils Lidman from Sweden  and a new Griot voice from Bamako, the singer and guitarist Adama Kouyat√©. By a blend of Afrobeat, Wassoulou, Mandingue with European jazz, instrumental and upbeat dance music; Spacewalk is a testament of our time. Sung in Bambara, Susu, French and English, the songs were born in different times, across borders in different countries. All pieces have come together along the Niger river, home of the crocodiles - Bamako/Kati. The integration of these different music styles, rhythms and cultures into one band characterizes the sound of the band Spacewalk. Roadmusic Productions' vision of connecting cultures around the planet with music is evident in this collaboration of global musicians.

The songs from the album Bamako Beat Talk also became the soundtrack of Marco Romanos music documentary The Cultural Journey to Timbuktu.

by  Marco Romano / Roadmusic Productions

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Roadmusic's RE-RELEASES 2016:

EDGAR  - Alcuni fattori marginali

Prodotto da Edgar  e Piero Milesi

Registrato e mixato da Piero Milesi ed Emanuele Cioncoloni presso  StudioE, Genova

Batterie registrate al DrumCode Studio, Sesta Godano (SP)

Masterizzato da Claudio Giussani presso Nautilus, Milano

Artwork: Emanuele Cioncoloni

Foto: Federico Grasso                         

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A blend of Yoruba and Wassoulou Rhythms.... feel the BHeat!

The afrobeat Album "An Ka wo Wassoulou", arranged by Nigerian producer Maikano in 2004.

In 2016 the Album is remastered, remixed by Roadmusic Productions with two additional tracks.

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Roadmusic's DVD- Documentary Release 2015:

"The cultural journey to Timbuktu"

The Cultural Journey to Timbuktu /52 min.

This documentary illuminates the importance that cultural activities and music have to the people of West African countries like Mali. Shortly after the recent rebellion and the increase of extremist activity in northern Mali, culture and music is being repressed as means of expression. The rich cultural heritage of the once strong and peaceful Mali is slowly declining into oblivion. Music is nowadays an important source the people of Mali is trying to preserve. This film shows the effects and consequences that Western strategies in the disputed areas have had on Mali society and culture.

DVD - 001/15RM

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