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Le Rythme - La Thérapie du Peuple

"Re-Time your Rhythm"

Kélétigui Diabaté

(1931 – 30 November 2012) was a Malian musician, described as an "undisputed master" of the balafon, and as "one of the greatest figures in Malian contemporary music".

Un Documentaire musical

A Music Documentary

Le Balafon c'est le premier instrument. Si tu est capable de jouer le Balafon, tu peux jouer tous les instruments!

By Kélétigui Diabaté

Niger- Water by AC BC               Niger - Water by AC BC feat. DeLab

Realisation par Marco Romano/

Roadmusic Productions 2021

Synopsis :

Mali - crossroads of cultures. In all regions of Mali, one has the opportunity to observe different rhythm styles, melodies and movements integrated into music and dances. Each style of music is based on a well defined rhythm by tradition and culture of an ethnic group. Many cultures find themselves in this West African country putting their traditions on the scene through communication by rhythm, movement and sounds.

The two documentaries The Cultural Journey to Timbuktu and The Rhythm - The People's Therapy / Re-Time your Rhythm, will endeavor to follow well known cultural actors in Mali. Through these we see the importance of music and rhythm in Malian society.

Avec la Participation:

Bourama Soumaoro / Kettly Noel  / Yaya Koulibali /

Kélétiqui Diabaté / Kar Kar /

Bassekou Kouyaté / Barou Diallo /

L' Homme doit retourner à travailler avec ses Mains.

Yaya Couibaly, Marionettist- Artist

"In a way, I also rediscovered music, because [chokes up]—I’m sorry—it’s so miraculous what it can do to you; when you are in a really fucked situation, it's the only thing that can save you. Nothing else will. And it does, it really does"



"La caratteristica fondamentale e distintiva della cultura negra-africana e negra-americana è il ritmo!

Beatriz Hilda Grand Ruiz,

from the book:

"Africa y su musica traditional"

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Miss Maawa

Kerfala Kante jr.


Miss Maawa also known as Miss Maawa "Malaika" was born in 1982 in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. The daughter of singer Kagbe Sidibe is following in her mother's footsteps as one of the most prominent and well-known singers to come out of the Wassoulou* genre of music. At the age of 10 Miss Maawa "Malaika" was touring with her mother as backing vocalist.  Miss Maawa is now the only heritage of Kagbe Sidibes bagage artistique.

Miss Maawa began her solo career at the age of 17 and released her first album in Ivory Coast "Laihilalailala (1999)". Followed by her second album" Allahu Akbar (2002)" at the age of 20. The 3rd album "An Ka Wo Wassoulou (2004)" was released in Mali.

Bi Fourou was recorded in Salif Keitas studio Moffou in Bamako, produced by roadmusic production. Well known musicians from the Bamako music scene have been part of this last album; Vieux Pare (Arrangement, Programmation, Guitar, Bass, Calebasse, Djémbe), Kassim (5-String N'Goni - Wassoulou)), Zou Tereta (Sekou-african violin) , Sherif Soumano (Kora) and Marco Romano (Guitar).

The album Bi Fourou was released in Mali in May 2009.

Bi Fourou blends Miss Maawa's West African traditional sound of Wassoulou with a touch of European light electronica/dance; you can almost hear the roots of the next big musical genre forming here. Miss Maawa's engaging vocal style and penchant for arrangements has a solid ground in Wassoulou. But the music is open to touches of Western influence which may make her a perfect candidate to be at the vanguard of a new musical movement.

Miss Maawa is one of those rare performers where you don't have to understand the language she's singing in to feel the power of her lyrics. Maawa's voice is a deep and eloquent alto that's full of the spirit and soul of the generations that preceded her. You can almost hear the distance of time in her voice as she pulls you in and wraps the melody around you like a net. Bi Fourou is a thing of abject beauty; a creation of earth and water and sky that you don't so much listen to as get to know.

Re-release of "Imakou" 2016.

A blend of  Yoruba-and Wassoulou Rhythms, feel the BHeat!

The afrobeat Album "An Ka wo Wassoulou", produced by Nigerian producer Maikano in 2004.

In 2016 the Album is remastered, remixed by roadmusic productions with two additional Tracks.

Kerfala Kante Jr. is born in Guinea Conakry - Westafrika, into an ancient Griot Family. He's the younger Brother of the famous Guinee Singer Kerfala Kante.

2007 Kerfala Kante Jr. is called to Bamako to play the Bassguitar in SALIF KEITA' s Band.

2010 he meets Marco Romano from "roadmusic productions".

Kerfala's Debutalbum "Aventurier" was recorded 2012/13 in the studio Moffou in Bamako

This debut album from Salif Keita's bass player contains outstandingly

beautiful music. Simply, Kante is a glorious singer. What's more, he's got the best musicians in Bamako as his band. The way he works with them, a seamless assembly of modern and traditional instruments, conjures an instant sense of ease, depth and grace.

This music is generous, full of happy touches, a whole range of moods and rhythms. Everyone's playing out of their skins.Much of it will sound familiar. There's no doubt that Kerfala has learned a lot about singing and arrangement from his masterclass employment with Salif Keita - his sense of pace and phrasing, the honesty of his presentation, his understanding of drama - though he does not have Keita's blow-torch intensity, at least not here. But the way he takes chances, the dancing complexity of his rhythms, the peculiar way he has of cutting off with abrupt finales, much is reminiscent

of Keita's Amen, particularly, as is the sublime way he deploys his female backing singers. These ladies are surely the warmest, most beguiling sirens ever. I've been playing this CD over and over,without tiring.

For anyone with the slightest fondness for Malian music, it marks a high point. Not to be missed.

By Rick Sanders, fRoots Magazine, Nov.2013

Spacewalk is an international bandproject where people and cultures come together in the universe of music. From a funk-a-liscious rock to ethnic desert storm-sound Spacewalk travels, discovers and connects the melting points of music from all over the world.

Spacewalk moves to different countries and continents to implement the concept of transculturation, where sounds and ideas of different cultures influence the music. Transculturation is the musical expression of Spacewalk's anthropological research!

Spacewalk works with different artists from Cuba, Mali, Ghana and Europe... coming together  to use the universal language of music to explain the process of transculturation. Transculturation and cross-cultural developments is closely connected to the globalisation and is happening now all over the world. It will evolve in the future with enhancing velocity. People, cultures and traditions will come together and blend. With the best of intensions this can be a force, a positive development with the strongest, bonding ideas surviving. Are we gonna be able to share and love in a time where politics leads us down the road of destruction. Can we foresee the economical hardships and hope for better in a near future?

Spacewalk is on a mission to create and to unite people throughout the world with love and music.

Afro Celtic Beat Connections

AC BC is an international music project from Bamako, Mali.

The group utilises a philosophy of rhythm, which it believes was an earlier form of communication before language and words. Human history, according to the band, can be followed through rhythm, which was practiced long before religion was defined.

-This International Band-Project founded by Marco Romano in 2016 follows the "Thesis": The "Rhythm" is an earlier communication manner between humans, than Language / Words and Religion-

The Roadmusic Audiovisual Studio/Kati

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